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Amasya (Turkish pronunciation: [aˈmasja]), the Amaseia or Amasia of antiquity, is the capital of the administrative district of Amasya Province in northern Turkey. The population of the province is 334,786 and the population of the city is 99,905.

Amasya stands in the mountains above the Black Sea coast, in a narrow valley along the banks of the Yeşilırmak River. Although near the Black Sea, this area is high above the coast and has an inland climate, well-suited to growing apples, for which the province of Amasya is famed. Amasya is set apart from the rest of Anatolia in its tight mountain valley and hides its beauty. Amasya is one of the provinces in north-central Anatolia Turkey which is distinct for its natural setup and historical values. It was the home of the geographer Strabo. Located in a narrow cleft of the Yesilirmak (Iris) river, it has a past of 7,500 years during which many civilizations left remains.

In antiquity, Amaseia (Greek: Αμάσεια) was a fortified city high on the cliffs above the river. It has a long history as provincial capital, a wealthy city producing kings and princes, artists, scientists, poets and thinkers, from the kings of Pontus, through Strabo the geographer, to many generations of the Ottoman imperial dynasty, and up to being the location of an important moment in the life of Ataturk. With its Ottoman-period wooden houses and the tombs of the Pontus kings carved into the cliffs overhead, Amasya is attractive to visitors.

In recent years, investments in tourism increased which attracted more foreign and domestic tourists. Traditional Ottoman houses near the Yeşilirmak and other main historical buildings were restored; these traditional Yalıboyu houses started to be used as cafes, restaurants, pubs, hotels, etc. Ottoman wooden houses and on the background of these houses one can see the King Rock Tombs of Pontus Greeks. In 2011, a half million foreign and domestic tourists visited the city. As of June 2012, the visitors totaled nearly 350,000. The number of foreign doubled over the previous year: in 2011, the city of Amasya was visited by 11,000 foreign visitors, while in September 2012, it reached 22,000. The main nations which visited were mostly German and from East Asian nations such as Japan and South Korea.


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